• Pro Bono Stats

    Clients Helped in 2010: 568
    Clients Helped in 2009: 1668

    Active Volunteers: 1575
    Active Volunteers in 2009: 1508

    Atty Hours in 2010: 1735.15
    Hours Reported in 2009: 7828

    Updated on 4/29/2010
  • Clinic Calendar


    5/4 - Williamson Co. Advice
    5/11 - Tuesday Night Advice
    5/21 - Catholic Charities
    5/22 - McHugh Saturday Bar


    6/1 - Williamson Co. Advice
    6/8 - Tuesday Night Advice
    6/18 - Catholic Charities
    6/26 - McHugh Saturday Bar

    Would you like to volunteer at a clinic? We can always use the help! Please contact Victoria! Click HERE to e-mail her.

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End of the Year Madness!

Wow, we are already wrapping up the end of the year, which is pretty amazing to think of all our accomplishments now looking back.

Here’s the biggest one: Between clinics and referrals, we have done 1,633 cases so far this year! Now compare that to the 1,082 we had last year and you can see why I’m excited. So thank you all SO much for everything that you’ve done!

However, the year isn’t over yet! Yes, I’m going to ask one last time for this year if you have time in your holiday schedule to take on a last minute case. I’m trying to get all our current clients an attorney for Christmashanakwanza! Right now I have 6 collection/tort type cases, 2 Davidson Co. divorce cases, 10 Williamson Co family law style cases, and an unemployment appeal case. If you have Pro Bono hours you still need to meet at your firm, this is the fastest way to get it!

If you would like more information on any of these cases (and if you’re in Williamson County, imagine me on my knees begging you) please give me a call or e-mail by Wednesday the 23rd. After that and until the New Year, you can still call the office and ask for Lucinda and she’ll find you one.

And finally, if you have NOT gotten your case update forms back to us, there is still time! The fax number is on the bottom of the form. Mark it to my attention and fax it in. This is the only way I know what hours you have done to be able to tell the CLE to get your ethics credits!!!

Happy Holidays to all of you, and wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! See you again in 2010!


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