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    Clients Helped in 2010: 568
    Clients Helped in 2009: 1668

    Active Volunteers: 1575
    Active Volunteers in 2009: 1508

    Atty Hours in 2010: 1735.15
    Hours Reported in 2009: 7828

    Updated on 4/29/2010
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    5/4 - Williamson Co. Advice
    5/11 - Tuesday Night Advice
    5/21 - Catholic Charities
    5/22 - McHugh Saturday Bar


    6/1 - Williamson Co. Advice
    6/8 - Tuesday Night Advice
    6/18 - Catholic Charities
    6/26 - McHugh Saturday Bar

    Would you like to volunteer at a clinic? We can always use the help! Please contact Victoria! Click HERE to e-mail her.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

So as I sit on the verge of opening the 1,500th case of this year, I wanted to write quickly and thank each and every volunteer who has helped our program out by taking on a case, coming to a clinic, or donated time and/or money to the Nashville Pro Bono program. It truly is because of volunteers such as yourself that we are able to continue to provide this vital service to the people in town who would have no where else to turn to.

In honor of giving thanks this holiday season, I wanted to share a few words from our clients. When we close out a case, we always send a survey out to clients to ask them to tell us about their experience with the Program. When we get them back, sometimes they contain very simple answers. Sometimes, however, we get clients who fill the entire page with comments. Here are a few:

Mr. (Philip) Kendrick was the best lawyer we could have asked for. He helped my husband until his death then helped me get my benefits. I wouldn’t have known what to do without his help…
Widow of J.R. on a Social Security case

…Mr. (Avery) Mott was professional, non judgmental, listened and [was] understanding… he made me feel important…
R.N. on a Bankruptcy case

He (Matt Moushon) was wonderful. He was very professional and really cared about me and my case. He treated me like I was paying him $250 an hour!!
A.M. on a Wage Claim case

Excellent! He (Joseph Rusnak) explained everything he was doing, what would happen, always available to answer my questions, made me feel at home. With so much debt I didn’t know what to do. He gave me & my family peace of mind… Mr. Rusnak was perfect. He never looked down on me like most lawyers I talked with. He always made me feel welcomed…
B.T. on a Bankruptcy case

Once again, thank you all for everything that you have done so far this year. As we head into the holidays, there are still clients who are going to be looking for help. If you have some time you can fit in between the Thanksgiving turkey and the New Year’s champagne, please feel free to give me a call! You can give them a holiday gift that they will always be grateful for, and we can help gift you with some last minute CLE credit for 2009.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂


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