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    Clients Helped in 2010: 568
    Clients Helped in 2009: 1668

    Active Volunteers: 1575
    Active Volunteers in 2009: 1508

    Atty Hours in 2010: 1735.15
    Hours Reported in 2009: 7828

    Updated on 4/29/2010
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    5/4 - Williamson Co. Advice
    5/11 - Tuesday Night Advice
    5/21 - Catholic Charities
    5/22 - McHugh Saturday Bar


    6/1 - Williamson Co. Advice
    6/8 - Tuesday Night Advice
    6/18 - Catholic Charities
    6/26 - McHugh Saturday Bar

    Would you like to volunteer at a clinic? We can always use the help! Please contact Victoria! Click HERE to e-mail her.

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What a Busy Week!

You wouldn’t believe how busy it’s been down at my office this week. So much to do, and only 40 hours to manage to do it all in!

The weekend started off on the 24th with our McHugh Legal Clinic. Victoria told me that they were able to help over 40 clients that morning, which is one of our biggest groups yet! More and more people in the community are discovering the legal clinics that we offer and they are coming in to take advantage of the free legal help. Special thanks to attorneys Richard Green, Matt Roberts, Caldwell Collins, Carla Fenswick, Michael Bligh, Kristin Fecteau, Charles Traughber, Nancy MacLean, and Thor Urnes for braving the cool and wet October morning to provide this help, as well as the 8 paralegals for the added support.

Monday was spent running around prepping for the Pro Bono breakfast that had all of us up at the office before the sun rose on Tuesday. It was a wonderful success, with more than 60 attorneys and paralegals drifting in and out for fresh coffee, muffins and fruit while we celebrated the 10 honorees and their efforts to help get more attorneys into the Pro Bono spirit! If you happened to miss the event, those honorees were:

Mary Beth Ausbrooks from Rothschild & Ausbrooks
Margaret Behm from Dodson Parker Behm & Caparalla
Frank Grace & Chris Cronk from Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis
Justin Pitt from Bass, Berry & Sims
Lauren Roberts from Stites & Harbison
Mike Sposato & Jan Jordan from CAT Financial
David Taylor from Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
Melissa Wibbins from Baker Donelson

Also, Lucinda surprised both myself and Victoria with gifts for all of our work that’s done behind the scenes. I know I was shocked as I had no idea, and I helped do all the planning for this! It was a nice feeling though and much appreciated.

From Pro Bono Breakfast

Everyone who attended received a gift of a mug especially made for the event, and additional mugs were sent back to select firms in town as a thanks for all the hard work that’s been done this year by everyone.

From Pro Bono Breakfast

So once again, thank you for everything you’ve done!

As we head into November, there’s still a lot of hard work to accomplish. There’s clinics to run, cases to place, and people to help. Right now I’ve got about 50 cases to place, so if you are getting into the Pro Bono spirit after reading this, drop me an e-mail and let me know what you want to do to help!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

*~ Alison ~*


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